Meeniyan Free Wifi

Meeniyan wifi is free and covers the main business area of Meeniyan as per map. It was made possible with a grant of $2581 from Bendigo Bank Community Bank Toora and Foster which paid for the communications equipment.

The wifi network has access points on Meeniyan Art Gallery, Meeniyan Hall and Duck Hutt. Two access points are also located in the hall.

Meeniyan wifi is zero handoff enabled, meaning you can walk from one end of town to the other and seamlessly pass between the access points without dropping out or losing your connection.

Wifi sessions need a password, which is obtainable from any business in town. Sessions are limited to 30 minutes. After this time users are disconnected from the network but are free to reconnect immediately.

The wifi is now on the NBN. Local internet service provider DCSI is generously sponsoring free data for 12 months for Meeniyan wifi.

Meeniyan wifi has had over 72,000 log ons since Aug 2014 till now.

Number of Meeniyan Wifi Log Ins Per Month